Unified Builders embraces value-creating technology in our business. Cutting-edge tools that integrate seamlessly with our time-tested methods to make us more efficient, safer and ensure quality at every step.

  • Cloud-based photo documentation
  • Drones to capture aerial video and photos
  • 3D visualizations
  • Reality capture

Cloud-Based Photo Documentation

Digital photography revolutionized how contractors interacted with clients. Photos could be e-mailed to show progress in real-time. Unified Builders takes this simple method of photo documenting to a whole new level.

We create a cloud-based project folder that contains every detail of the project: preliminary site conditions, pre-existing damage/rot, in-progress photos along with any contractor notes. In addition, change-orders can explained using photos and video the client can see right away, preventing unnecessary delays. Clients can view this project folder using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Drones for Aerial Video and Photography

Drone footage quickly and easily allows our design team, engineers and estimators to see, in super-high definition, areas that would have been nearly-unreachable, just a few years ago. We can even survey underwater!

This technology also aids us with landscape layout and gives the property owner an incredible perspective!


3D Visualizations

Getting it right in the planning phase is absolutely crucial in our business. Our team of engineers, architects, landscape artists and estimators utilize 3D imaging from the very beginning. Not only does it yield 100% accurate representations, but allows us to help the client visualize the completed project.

The benefits are tremendous; first, for making changes BEFORE onsite work has begun. Secondly, presentations to municipalities and financial institutions are greatly enhanced, increasing chances of approvals.


Reality Capture

This technology borders on science fiction! Imagine being able to virtually "visit" the job site without having to leave your desk. We're not just talking about a 3D 'video game' experience... we're talking about a powerful tool that is photo-realistic with pixel-precise dimensions. Our staff can visit the job site, virtually, and take any measurements needed; eliminating countless trips to the job site. Once the scanning is complete, we can plan future additions, with accurate measurements, without another visit.

This tool is invaluable for project planning and "what if..." discussions. It's the ultimate creative tool!




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